Concerns have been raised by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association about cellular phone usage affecting productivity in the workplace. This week we asked the man/woman on the street what they thought about the use of cellular phones in the workplace in terms of production and whether their usage should be restricted. Their responses were as follows:

Interviews and photos by Javone Vickerie and Feona Morrison

20130415johnJohn Quelch, Business Development Administrator – ‘Well I personally believe that cell phones should be allowed on a certain level because phones have become such a mobile way of communicating with other persons. At the managerial and supervisory level it is probably okay with respect to when persons have to go out of the office and call back in and the landline is in use with other client issues. I also believe that managers and supervisors can be permitted, given that the persons who hold these positions know how to discreetly use their phones and not let it affect productivity.’

20130415nakasiaNakasia Logan, Journalist – ‘I don’t think cell phones should be banned from workplaces because the majority of Guyana’s population have smart phones and our phones are what take us through the day. Having a mobile phone to me will not affect someone who is dedicated to their work; it will disrupt someone who is just there because of work’s sake.’

20130415jamalJamal Anthony Noel, Aeronautical Student – ‘Honestly I think it should be banned from workplaces. Reason being is because it is a distraction. Many times workers would stop what they are doing to check on a BBM message, answer a call or even reply to a text message. To me that’s why most people stay back so late at work because what could have been done in the space of time at work would have to be delayed just for the constant phone usage during work.’


20130415juliaJulia Martindale-Nelson, Nurse – ‘It doesn’t make sense banning phones from work because there are cases where they might be an emergency that workers may attend to: like their children and personal or maybe tragic issues. But like every work environment it would depend on the type of profession the person is in and on the individual who uses the phone.’

20130415alex moriasAlex Morias, Businessman – ‘Most definitely the use of cell phones in public places and the private sector offices will affect and hamper productivity as long as it becomes personal. In the many private sector offices in Guyana it is norm to be waiting for someone to attend to you. Too many times officers can be seen on their phones during working hours especially at hospitals and clinics. The public, private sector and ministries should implement a policy on the use of cell phones by staff members on duty. No cell phones should be used by employees who work at banks or even customers. I think that policies should be implemented for the use of cell phones in the offices rather than having them completely banned.’

20130415rensfordRensford R. Garraway, Barber – ‘It depends on the type of the job you are doing. I do not think that they should ban the use of cell phones in the workplace. I do think that employers should work out some kind of system where it relates to this issue.’

Brian Rankin – ‘I think persons should be allowed to use their phones in the workplace, especially those who work at business places. Because most persons have high-end cell phones like BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone which they use to do work related stuff. These phones make the job easier because they come with all sorts of different software and apps.’

20130415fredrickFredrick Richards, Vendor – ‘They should be allowed to use their phones for emergency purposes to keep in touch with their families. I do not think that it should be banned.’

20130415leslieLeslie Edwards, Businessman – ‘I do not think that persons should be allowed to use their phones during working hours because it is a distraction. It is time consuming also unethical for a job that requires a lot of your attention. Phones should not be used unless it is an emergency and I think that using cell phones during working hours is a disrespect to higher authorities.’

20130415shiane MorisonShiane Morison- Customer Service Representative – ‘Persons should not be allowed to use their personal phones in the workplace or during working hours. If someone needs to contact them, or they need to make contact with someone the company telephone/phone should be used, not their personal phones.’

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