Producing corrupt generation?

- August – time trivia

Senior–Citizen moralistic lamentations again? I suppose so. But if I influence only one reader, I would sleep well.

Corruption. Even the “ruling” political party in Guyana made the issue into a last weekend Congress Agenda Item. Of course and unfortunately, corruption is more than a buzz word in Guyana these days. Frankly Speaking, even the perception of institutionalized wrong–doing for individual or group profit has compromised respect for authority. Guyanese youth are quite savvy, for since the Corrupt Ones, the Cocaine Dons and the New Rich offspring are known to those youth, they see no honest role–models, no exemplars. The crooked and corrupt are their “Heroes”. So long for poor, upright teachers, doctors, sportsmen or entertainers. Except those who are known “suspects”.
But indulge me a few more sentences on the role and influence of “enshrined” corruption on this young generation and that just past.

Morality, hope, willing vulnerabil- August – time triviaity
Many regulars of this column know my mantra: old time morality has been revolutionised, whereby “Honesty-Is-The-Best-Policy” is genuine irrelevant bull to this get–rich–quick generation. Cosmetic, popular “religion” and its bouncy music hardly can implant worthy spiritual guidance to the dressed up young. Holy Book advice passes through the ears, never lodging in the consciousness. The Koran or Bible find it hard to compete with the new buildings; the new SUV’s and designer brands.

There are some “clean–heart youth” who heed their olders’ advice to study. But then employment and/or discriminatory employers soon shatter dreams of the qualified and certified. And self–employment has its own challenge in this limited land. Hope for this category of youth soon fades. Remittances from overseas help but migration to the remittance source beckons.

Guyanese working–class youth are thus rendered vulnerable, susceptible to corruption, illegality and immorality.

From those trafficked to the bawdy hinterland and whose mothers’ encourage immoral earnings, to the wise youngsters who are young past–masters of hustle.
But who is to blame for their condition of weakness? Easy prey for evil crooks? Not the youth, ultimately!

Corrupt criminality – a way – of – life
If I am coming across as having little, or no hope for the youth of this generation – or very pessimistic, you are right. I have now myself succumbed to becoming so. Because I’m working – class enough to be looking around. At our environment and new attitudes. Perspectives.

Two observations before my concluding gambit: one is that the poor and needy in Colombia’s mountains and Bolivia’s farmlands and Guyana’s poverty–line communities don’t always care where clarity comes from. They are willing to accept the bandits’ bounty, the drug lord’s financial donations to their community, to the church, school or football team. Secondly, “every generation gets the young it deserves”. The youth feeds off the goodwill –or vices – of the adults. So don’t blame the young.

Now let’s decide that you are a 35–year old Guyanese, right now. When the PPP/C resumed government in Guyana, you were just fourteen, in 1992. You did not understand the birth of electoral theft and executive corruption under the PNC regime (1964-1992). But let me assure you, my 35 to 45 year old citizen, the wickedness began then. Illegality and corruption now are vicious, cancerous sub-cultures here.
What does my 35-year-old experience – or just perceive – in his/our country today? A  partial listing: Judiciary justice is delayed or denied; rogue cops sully good police image; politicians know top crooks in this small society; one ethnic group owns most of Georgetown and coastal Guyana; real fathers are in short supply and religious “leaders” are great business persons.

In the USA, Whitney Houston sang “Save The Children”. She is gone, herself succumbing to substances. Alex Rodrigues in Baseball is now a known cheat who can continue to play. What a role-model. In Georgia, school teachers forged good results to maintain grants.

In Guyana I called here a burgeoning kleptocracy, long before reformed Ramkarran. Prove this pessimist wrong! Corruption thrives!

August 2013 Gossip/Trivia…
Just close your eyes; open your imagination and contemplate how much soul-searching should or must be going on in GECOM and the Alliance for Change. Human frailties hung out to dry in the public!
An old educationist suggests scrapping the eleven-plus placement exams. How transformational”. Before you scoff, try to understand what is real education. Even as you “qualify” your child.

The Fruta Conquerors Football Club Secretary is noble for proposing that all young footballers should access a sound education. Great advice. But  had to rebuke an older footballer for trying to make me believe that some top football executive terrorizes young club players with angry dogs, to make them conform. Naughty allegation I won’t believe!

It’s true: On Monday evening the 1823 Monument couldn’t wait for the President to unveil it. It undressed itself long before.
Carifesta XI begins in Surname next weekend. Who’s representing us, the Pioneers? Are you going?
’Til next week!

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