Prime Minister Sam Hinds asked for another deferment of the consideration of the Telecommunications Bill and the Public Utilities Commission (Amendment) Bill on Thursday, saying that that government is still locked in talks with Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company Limited (GT&T) and Digicel and hopes to conclude them in a timely manner.

This is the third time that the two bills – which are related – were being deferred for want of completion of talks between Government and the telecommunications providers.

Hinds said that government had a meeting with GT&T on Monday and with Digicel on Wednesday as the sides try to reach a position with which everyone is happy.

“We are making progress,” said Hinds. “We expect to conclude these discussions in a timely way,” he said.

The legislation aims to bring liberalisation to the telecommunications sector, on which GT&T enjoyed a monopoly for more than 20 years.

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