Decomposing body found in Ketley St shack

The decomposing body of man was yesterday discovered in a wooden shack on Ketley Street, Charlestown.

Pamela Jordon, who was in the vicinity at the time, said that about 7 am residents of the area began an investigation of the nearby alley where the shack was situated because of an unpleasant smell in the area.

Jordon said two men broke down the door of the shack and discovered the body in the centre already in a decomposed state.

Police said no marks of violence were evident.
The man was said to be in his late 40s and of mixed descent.
When this newspaper revisited the area, two men were seen breaking down the shack and removing articles which included clothes and utensils.

Up to press time the body remained unidentified at the Lyken’s Funeral Parlour.
An investigation has been launched.

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