NA robbery suspect fatally shot by cop

At about 0100h today, police say that an Assistant Superintendent of Police responded to a report received of an armed robbery at Matthew Allen Road and Strand Road, New Amsterdam, and pursued the suspect who was riding a bicycle and had been pointed out by the victim.

A statement from the police said that the Police Officer caught up with the suspect at Republic Road and Cheddi Jagan Street, New Amsterdam, and during efforts to arrest him the suspect attacked the policeman with a machete and a knife. The police say that despite calls for him to desist, the suspect continued to attack the Officer who was forced to resort to the use of force and shot him to his chest. He was pronounced DOA at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Police say that the suspect has been identified as Marlon Shepherd called “Critters”, 29 years, of Smythfield, New Amsterdam. Shepherd, it said, was before the courts on a charge of robbery under arms. This resulted from investigations into a report where on February 12, 2013, he allegedly attacked Daryl Edwards, 18 years, of Tucberg Park, New Amsterdam, while armed with a cutlass at Garrison Road, New Amsterdam, and took away his cell phone and jewellery.

Investigations are in progress.


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