Ministry waits as cops probe Region 8 teacher caught semi-nude with student

The Ministry of Education says it is awaiting the conclusion of police investigations, as is required, before launching a probe of its own into allegations of a male Region 8 teacher being caught semi-nude with a student.

“As far as I know the teacher was sent on administrative leave upon us learning of the accusation… This is what normally happens, but also when the police [are] carrying out their work we wait on the results of that then our own investigations begin… We don’t have simultaneous proceedings,” Chief Education Officer Olato Sam told Stabroek News yesterday.

This newspaper was told by a source in Region 8 that a secondary school student of the district was found in the evening hours at the teacher’s living quarters. Acting on a tip off from a concerned parent, the police and other persons went to the teacher’s dwellings where the young boy was found. He was also semi-nude.

A police source close to the investigation said it was continuing and they are awaiting directions as it pertains to charges against the teacher. However, the teacher, who is not a resident of the district, remains living at his designated quarters while reporting everyday to the Mahdia Police Station.

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