Grass on Wakenaam airstrip helping to prevent erosion

– NDC Chairman

Surajnauth Ramlochan, Chairman of the Wakenaam NDC says that the grass on the island’s airstrip and its shoulders helps to prevent erosion.

During a trip to the island last Thursday it was noted that weeds had overtaken a portion of the airstrip’s runway as well as the area on either side. When Stabroek News contacted Works Minister Robeson Benn about these observations he indicated that the island’s Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) was responsible for the maintenance of the $54.4 million government-built airstrip.

Ramlochan yesterday said that the NDC has been caring for the airstrip, sharing that the grass on the airstrip had been cleared just one month ago. Asked about the weeds seen on the airstrip just last week, the Chairman said that the weeds seen were helping to curb the erosion of the runway and other parts. Ramlochan said that constant rainfall was washing sections of the airstrip into the near trench.

He said that when the rainy season passes, the NDC will revert to the regular trimming and overall maintenance of the airstrip.

Residents have recently said that the airstrip, since being completed in 2011, has only been used once while Benn stated that this was normal for some airstrips.

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