Walter Rodney international committee welcomes probe

The Walter Rodney International Commemoration Committee yesterday welcomed the decision by the government to convene an international commission of inquiry into the death of academic Walter Rodney 33 years ago. The announcement was made in Parliament yesterday by Prime Minister Sam Hinds. A statement from the committee’s Chairman, Professor Horace Campbell said: “Today, June 13, 2013, thirty-three years after a bomb killed Walter Rodney, the President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar, has approved the establishment of an international commission of inquiry into his death.  This is welcome news. Friends and family of Walter Rodney have worked very hard for the establishment of an international commission. In the course of events marking the 25th anniversary of Walter Rodney’s death, many worked to ensure that there would be an impartial and reputable international commission of inquiry to bring forth the truth. I agree with Pat Rodney and the family of Walter Rodney that the aim of the Inquiry should not be vengeance but the laying of a basis for national healing and reconciliation.  We will aim to participate and assist in whatever way possible in making this a commission of integrity, one that will earn the respect of all concerned.”

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