Region Six inks $60M contracts for capital works

-Chairman urges residents to report substandard works

Region Six Chairman David Armogan on Friday urged that residents report substandard works as the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) signed contracts worth over $60M in total for capital projects to be done in the Number 52 to Number 74 Corentyne district and in the polders of Black Bush.

Contracts valuing $26,680,331 in total were signed at the Number 52-74 Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) office for works to be carried out in the district, including the building of streets, footpath bridges, and the rehabilitation of the Number 52 Village’s sluice door.

The contract signing for capital projects to be done in the Number 52 to Number 74 Corentyne (David Papannah Photo)
The contract signing for capital projects to be done in the Number 52 to Number 74 Corentyne (David Papannah Photo)

The contracts that were signed in the district were awarded to Totaram Mohabir for the construction of a footpath bridge at Number 70/71 Village Sideline ($1,077,626); Annierude Ramcharitar, for the rehabilitation of the double door sluice at Number 52 Village ($6,405,912), and for the rehabilitation of the first cross street at Number 65 village ($7,187,092); and Associated Construction Service for the excavation of the Main Drainage Canal and excavation of Essex Facade ($12,015,701).

At the Black Bush Polder NDC office, contracts worth $34,261,688 were signed for infrastructural and rehabilitation works in the area, including reconstruction of bridges, streets, rehabilitation of the doctor’s quarters at the Mibicuri Hospital and construction of a kitchen at the hospital.

The contracts valued $12,207,825 were awarded to Krishna Jagdeo Construction for rehabilitation of streets in Johanna and Mibicuri. For the reconstruction of bridges at Mibicuri and Lesbeholden, Memorex Enterprises was awarded the $17,670,433 contract. Zabeer Zakier was contracted to construct the kitchen at the Mibicuri Hos-pital at a cost of $1,793,875 and A. Parbudial was contracted to rehabilitate the doctors’ quarters at the hospital at cost the of $2,634,555.

According to Armogan, the projects are a part of the capital works to be undertaken in the region.

In brief remarks, he told residents that they should supervise the works carried out by the contractors and if the works are substandard they should report it to the RDC. He told them that once the matter is reported, the region would send engineering officials to check the work.

Armogan further stated that the regional administration would not allow contractors to prolong works after an extended date is given. He said the region is very serious with such action and would enforce the liability cause.

He also stated that the region has extended the liability extension from three months to six months. He noted the three-month-long extension was too short and the region decided to extend it.

In addition, the region would be withholding 10% of payment from contractors until after the six month period has elapsed, providing that the works are up to standard.

Additionally, Armogan noted that the streets rehabilitated are only built to accommodate a certain amount of weight and so residents should ensure that heavy machinery does not enter their streets.

Rhisiram Moti, Chairman of the number 52-74 NDC, said that the district is grateful for the rehabilitation of infrastructure. He also noted that before contracts are signed, the regional administration should hold discussions with residents so they would be aware of the plans.

Stabroek News understands that more contracts for capital works in the region are to be signed on Tuesday at the RDC boardroom.

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