Car slams into West Berbice house

A family at Brahan, West Coast Berbice almost lost their house when a car ran off the road and crashed into their front stairs, shattering it around 12:10 am yesterday.

Stabroek News was told that four concrete and wooden posts were also completely knocked down and a bicycle was damaged along with a few concrete blocks that were in the yard.

The car nestled under the house and boards and galvanized sheets from the stairway fell on top of it. The shaken driver of the AT 212 Toyota Carina, a ‘B’ Division police detective of Kingelly Village, managed to get out of the car on his own.

The ruined stairway
The ruined stairway

He told the family that “something” came suddenly into his path causing him to lose control. He ended up crashing into a wooden fence before passing through a flooded empty lot, and slamming into the house and coming to a halt.

At the time, it was raining heavily and owner of the house, Jenny Wade said she heard “something going splash, splash! Then I heard the loud impact but I wasn’t sure where the sound was coming from.”

Her daughter, Deonne Wade, a teacher, recalled that she had gotten up before that and had just gone back to bed when she heard the loud crashing sound. She thought the noise was from a tree falling and worried that the electrical wires over their house would burst. She then heard her mother, Jenny Wade shouting “get out, get out the house!”

She ran to the front door and tried to open it but it was tightly shut due to the crash. Everyone escaped through the back door and it was then that they saw the destruction and realized what had happened.

The shaken driver was standing in the yard and when the relatives inquired what had happened he “took about one minute to respond.”

The car under the house
The car under the house

They then tried to calm him, saying, “That’s just material things… Thank God you’re alive.” Wade said all she wants is for the driver to rebuild her house. The owner of the car had also visited the scene.

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