Man, 37, found dead in chair with rope around neck

– family calls for probe

A Parika family is seeking answers as to how one of its members met his demise on Sunday morning.

Tang Millington, 37, formerly of Santa Cruz, Barama River was discovered dead sitting in a chair with a rope around his neck. Members of his family said they have never heard of someone hanging himself in such a manner.

“Everyone in the village believes is foul play. How can you hang yourself in a chair?” his stepfather asked. At the time, Millington was living with a woman, his stepfather said.

He recounted that he last saw his stepson on Saturday evening. “When I go home the night around 11.30, I see he by me with a bag. Like he and the girl he was seeing had a misunderstanding or something the afternoon.”

He said Millington was reportedly drinking on Saturday with another girl and asked her to go into the bush with him; when she turned him down he reportedly told her he was going to hang himself. The man told this publication that his stepson had a lot of issues to deal with lately. “It was only three months ago he was framed for a robbery under arms and was currently on bail,” the man said.

The family is now calling for an investigation into his death since they believe foul play was involved.

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