Ituni logger reportedly crushed to death

A logger was reportedly crushed to death on Tuesday by a falling tree in Ituni, Region 10 and details as to what exactly transpired are sketchy.

The man was yesterday identified as Stephen Daw by relatives who congregated at the Linden Hospital Complex to get a view of his body. He was a father of two.

His mother, who said that Daw used to cut trees for a living, told Stabroek News that though the incident occurred on Tuesday, they were unable to make arrangements to have his body brought out of Ituni until yesterday morning.

Stabroek News understands that one of Daw’s brothers made the journey to Ituni to retrieve his body.

The man’s relatives yesterday said that  they are unaware of what exactly led to the death, but said that his mother was called around 17:00 hrs on Tuesday by his boss who told her that her son had been killed by a fallen tree. Daw’s mother said that his boss provided no details since he did not witness what transpired. Instead, Daw’s mother said, the man said that he was told by some of his other employees that he had been killed after a tree fell on him.

The deceased man’s relatives, one of his brothers in particular, is saying that there must be more  to what happened to his brother, and is calling on those who were working with his brother to provide answers.

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