Semi-automatic found in shopkeeper’s pocket, cop testifies

The trial of shopkeeper Jamie Myers, who was allegedly found with an unlicensed semi-automatic handgun, commenced yesterday with the testimony of a constable who said the weapon was found in the accused man’s pocket.

Constable Godfrey McGarrell told Magistrate Judy Latchman, who is presiding over the trial at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, that Myers had the gun in his pocket when a search was conducted on his person.

“Ya pick up this thing on the ground and you said you find it in me pocket bai. You is a liar for a uniformed man,” Myers, 28, of Lot 1 Yarrow Dam, East Ruimveldt, later shouted into the face of the constable as he was escorted out of the courtroom, momentarily disturbing the proceedings in the other courts.

“Wam to allyuh in Guyana bai? Me ain’ going to jail for something me ain do bail. Is best I de plead guilty,” the uncontrollable Myers continued in the holding downstairs, causing the other prisoners there to chime in agreement and worsen the disturbance in the courtrooms.

“He is lying bai. What the [expletive] is this bai? I hungry bad, me ain’ going to jail bai,” he exclaimed during a protest against being taken into the holding cell.

At his arraignment, Myers had denied knowledge of the weapon and accused the police of making a false arrest.

The man renewed his bail application at the trial yesterday, but it was once more refused.

The trial is set to continue August 5.

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