Victoria boy drowned, autopsy finds

A post-mortem examination yesterday confirmed that Victoria teenager Kelly Hope, who was found in a clump of mangrove bushes along the shores of the village’s seawall on Wednesday, drowned.

Government pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, who performed the examination, concluded that the cause of death was drowning.

The lifeless body of Hope, of Wilson, Street, Victoria, was found a day and a half after he went missing.

Kelly HopeThe tragedy is believed to have occurred after Hope went swimming in the company of five friends around his age at the Victoria koker, where children of the community regularly gather usually without the knowledge of their parents.

However, according to Hope’s father, Leonard, some of his son’s companions were claiming that Hope had not gone swimming with them, while the others said they went to the koker to bathe.

Hope, months shy of his fifteenth birthday, was a student at the Golden Grove Secondary School. He was the youngest of five siblings.

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