Fisherman nabbed with ganja gets fine, community service

A fisherman, who was found with a small quantity of marijuana when police stopped and searched him, was yesterday fined $3,000 for narcotics possession.

Daniel Lall, 28, will also have to do 20 days community service.
Magistrate Judy Latchman handed down the sentence at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, where Lall pleaded guilty to having three grammes of cannabis in his possession on August 4.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt stated that at around 2:35am, the police, while on patrol on Sheriff and David streets, stopped Lall, who was riding a motorcycle, and searched him. The narcotic was found tucked in the waist of his pants and he was arrested and subsequently charged.

When given a chance to speak, Lall stated that he was on the seawalls, when the narcotic was given to him by a friend. “I meet a friend on the seawalls and he give me the weed ’cause he does tek he lil smoke. I am very sorry, Yo

ur Honour, it will never happen again,” he told the Magistrate before sentencing.

Magistrate Latchman ordered Lall to do community service at the Kitty Police Station starting on August 10 for 20 consecutive Saturdays, excluding holidays.

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