Albouystown neighbours on charges after fight

Two Albouystown neighbours were yesterday brought before the court for assaulting and wounding each other.

It was alleged at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court that Shondell Williams, 39, on August 22, at Campbell Street, Albouy-stown, unlawfully and maliciously wounded Lloyd Daniels.

She pleaded guilty but offered to explain her actions. Daniels, 38, a taxi driver, charged with wounding Williams, also pleaded guilty and offered an explanation as well.

Both parties reside at Lot 179 Campbell Street, Albouystown.

When given a chance to speak, Williams said that on the day of the incident, she had just finished cleaning some fish she had bought and was going to dispose of the remains, when she looked into Daniel’s yard for his mother.

She said that he then started to say that she was too nosy. “He start seh that ah fass. He start cuss up me and tell me all kinda bad words and is when I seh, why he ain’t tell he mother and sista that he get vex,” Williams said.

She added that Daniels, who was angered, kicked her in her face and cuffed her in her mouth. She said that because of her injuries she couldn’t eat for days.

Williams also said that Daniels threatened to shoot her.

After hearing Williams’ account of the events, Magistrate Faith McGusty changed her plea to not guilty.

Daniels, however, gave a different account of what happened.

He stated that when Williams heard him say she was being too nosy, he was not speaking to her but rather to a friend of his. He said that she became annoyed and rushed towards him and scratched his neck and he then slapped her, but never kicked or cuffed her.

McGusty subsequently changed his plea to not guilty as well.

Daniels also faced a second charge of damage to property.

That charge stated that at the same place, he unlawfully damaged a plastic bucket, valued $400, belonging to Williams.

He pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutor Seon Blackman did not object to bail being granted. Bail was set at $20,000 for Williams and $25,000 for Daniels.

The matter returns to court on September 4.

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