Rohee says can handle both ministerial, party roles

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said yesterday that he has arranged his time and life to ensure that he can manage both his ministerial duties and his role as the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

He was responding to a question asked during a press conference yesterday. Members of the opposition particularly  leader Khemraj Ramjattan had called for him to let the reins of the Home Ministry go following his election to the party post last month.

When asked if he feels burdened with the crime situation given the new GS position, Rohee responded “I have a job to do, it fact I have two jobs to do. I have so arranged my life. I have so arranged my time to ensure that neither side is short changed and that the health and vitality of the General Secretary   and the Minister of Home Affairs remain intact”.

In responding to the suggestions from the opposition that he should step down as Minister, he said “When polling took place at the last election ….from since the day the results were announced I think it was the view of the opposition that the PPP/C should step down”. He said that situation exists onto this day. “I don’t think anything has changed”, he said.

Rohee has come under intense scrutiny during his tenure as Home Affairs Minister and the criticism culminated in the opposition’s passage of a motion of no confidence against him in the National Assembly last year.

Ramjattan in justifying his suggestion had said “I hope that in view of the troubles he has always faced in the parliament that he opts out as minister and be a full time General Secretary. He is not going to get any work done and it will only be a charade—he as General Secretary and minister”.


APNU Shadow Home Affairs Minister and MP, Winston Felix had said too that Rohee is incompetent and should have been removed a long time ago.

Rohee was elected after Ramotar declined his re-nomination as the General Secretary, stating that the combined responsibilities of leading the party and the country had been overwhelming since his inauguration in 2011. He had held the General Secretary’s post since 1997, following the death of former president and party leader Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

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