Couple in narrow escape after bus bursts into flames

A couple returning home from church had to scamper out of their bus after it burst into flames on Aubrey Barker Road yesterday morning.

Weldon Harper along with his wife managed to escape what could have been a tragic accident while returning

The bus on fire  (Juanita Hooper photo)
The bus on fire
(Juanita Hooper photo)

to their South Ruimveldt home from church. Harper, of 3271 Canal Place, the driver and owner of the bus, PEE 3647 was driving home with his wife at around 10:45am when they noticed smoke coming from his vehicle between Kaikan Street and Well Street, North Ruimveldt.

“I was driving and I was heading home and my wife alerted that she was smelling gas while I was driving and after the smoke came from the front of the vehicle” they rushed out, Harper said, adding that the vehicle quickly went up in flames.

Harper indicated that he had experienced mechanical problems with the vehicle but none of a nature that would cause an explosion, “I believe the gas from the vehicle may have squirted,” the man said while watching firefighters, who arrived quickly on the scene, extinguishing the flames.

Firemen putting out the blaze (Juanita Hooper photo)
Firemen putting out the blaze (Juanita Hooper photo)

Harper revealed that he did not lose any valuables in the vehicle and thanked God for life. He also disclosed that he has no comprehensive insurance for the vehicle which he stated was about 10 years old.


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