La Penitence man jailed over threats, assault on parents

A La Penitence man was yesterday sentenced to a six-month jail sentence for threatening and assaulting his parents.
When Mahesh Kumar, 38, was arraigned at the George-town Magistrates’ Court, he pleaded guilty to all the charges against him.

The charges read by Magistrate Judy Latchman stated that on September 25, at Fourth Street, La Penitence, he used threatening language to Mahendrika, causing a breach of the peace.

It was also stated that on September 27, he unlawfully assaulted Mahendrika and used threatening language to Chandrawattie and assaulted her on the same day.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt informed the court that Chandrawattie is the mother of the defendant and Mahendrika is his stepfather.

Hunt said that on the day when the crimes were committed, Kumar was drunk. He said that during a heated argument, Kumar dealt both parties several cuffs and threatened to burn his mother and chop his stepfather. The matter was later reported and he was arrested and charged.

When given a chance to speak, Kumar tearfully said that he was drunk but would not do those things to his parents. He added that he was sure that although he made the threats, he would have never gone through with them.

Chandrawattie said in response to her son’s statement that he has continuously abused her and her husband. She said Kumar picked up a cutlass and ran them. “This thing get overbearing. When he get drunk, he don’t care what he does. I tried my best to help him. I talk to him many times and he does always say that he will not do it again and he still does. If me and the neighbour didn’t get in, my husband might have been a dead man,” Chandrawattie said.

When asked by Magistrate Latchman why he drinks, Kumar said that he only drinks on special occasions and remorsefully added that he was very sorry that he had to be in court with his parents.

“Kumar, you must not bite the hands that feed you. This is your mother who has taken care of you for all of your 38 years and this is how you reward her?” Magistrate Latchman said.

After being informed of his six months sentence, Kumar informed Magistrate Latchman that he will move to Mahdia to live with his girlfriend when he is released from prison. Magistrate Latchman told him that she hopes that he does not chase his girlfriend with a cutlass too.

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