Tucville teen shot in confrontation with six men

A 19-year-old from Tucville is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital nursing a gunshot wound to his right side just above his hip after he was confronted  by six men, two of whom were armed with firearms on Wednesday evening.

Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday, Colin Fraser of  Lot 17 Tucville Housing Scheme, said that he was at a gambling shop in Tucville at about 21:00hrs when six men entered the shop and started robbing everyone.

“Dem boys come in the place to rob everybody, was six of them, but two of them stayed in the car outside. When they come in they stick up everybody. I had on a chain with two pennyweight gold and dem man buss it off,” the man said.

Fraser said that the men started discharging rounds and it was at this point that he was shot. He also said that he was the only person shot.

Police in a release had said that one person was in custody assisting with investigations. The release had also said that Fraser had gone to the suspects’ home and accused them of robbing one of his relatives. He then returned home and was later confronted by the men in his yard, who discharged a round which hit Fraser in his back.

He added that he has seen the men before but that they are not from the area.

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