Albion/Port Mourant Estate awards bursaries

The Albion/Port Mourant Estate of the Guyana Sugar Corporation on Thursday distributed bursary awards to children/wards of employees of the estate who were successful at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment Examinations. The awards represented 18 out of 100 being distributed at the various estates across the country. The bursary awardees were each given the sum of $6,000, and are entitled to an additional $1,000 each year for the next five years. This is however dependent on their “satisfactory attendance and performance” in school.

The estate’s Human Resources Manager Vemen Walter, in making clear the criteria for continual payment of the bursary, said, “Parents will be required to submit to the estate’s HR department the student’s annual or such other reports that the corporation may require.” He noted too that “The award will cease to be paid should an employee terminate his or her association with the corporation for any reason, save for and except in the case of medical discharge, retirement, redundancy or death.”

Congratulating the recipients and offering them words of encouragement was the estate’s manager Devendra Kumar, “Your journey has just begun. You have a long way ahead of you. We all can’t be rocket scientists, doctors, lawyers, but we must still strive to achieve these things.”

Stressing the importance of a sound education, Kumar said, “Education is your foundation to acquire what you need in life, please do not take your education lightly.” But in as much as he emphasized the importance of education he also urged them “to find time to play.”

Both the parents and awardees expressed thanks to the estate for the monetary rewards. The bursary awardees were: Yeebia Ali, Vandevi Bhikam, Devendra Sookhai, Maria Alert, Samuel Williams, Tyrese Algernon, Assad Jaffarally, Jaya Griffith, Sarah Dey, Hemchand Solen, Tasha Shivsankar, Levi Nedd Jnr, Jaanki Ramsammy, Leela Kalyan, Anna Jagroo, Randy Permaul, Pratima Sevapattie and Shivdutt Shewkumar.

A similar exercise was also held at the Rose Hall Estate in East Canje Berbice, where awards were presented to twenty-five students.

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