Stabbed and left for dead, Sophia woman wants ex brought to justice

A woman now hospitalised with multiple stab wounds inflicted by her former partner wants police to visit her so that the man responsible for her injuries could be charged.

Shanta Devi Chanderpaul, 36, told Stabroek News yesterday that she was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital on Tuesday evening after her former partner stabbed her multiple times on a Sophia Street and left her for dead.

“He don’t want to take lef, man. He chap me last week and I tell he this time it over and he wait for me and when I going home he start telling me that the police who take the charge when I get chap %$#* me and he gon kill me and pull out a knife and start firing juks,” Chanderpaul recounted.

She pointed to several wounds on her body, including a gash to her face, a wound to her right breast and others to her abdomen and her back.

Appearing very weak and grimacing in pain, the mother of seven children between ages 8 and 21 explained that she was a security guard attached to the Colgrain Swimming Pool on Camp Street.

She said that she began a relationship with her former partner four years ago and after a short while the two began living together at her Sohpia home.

It was not long into the relationship that the man started exhibiting violent tendencies, which she admitted were red flags but she ignored them because she loved him. However, his jealousy was unbearable and this coupled with violence towards her children let them to separate. “He just so jealous, man. Everybody he see me with, he jealous. Me ain’t know what wrong with him,” she said.

“One time he slap up my 16-year-old brother so bad over something so small,” the woman’s 12-year-old daughter chimed in, as she told her story.

Chanderpaul said that her “last straw” came last week when in a fit of jealousy her former partner wielded a cutlass and chopped her on her left arm.

She said that she told him that it was over but she suspected that he would not accept it. “I tell he it over and I did mean that he will go to jail but I suspect that he wanted to do me something bad,” she said.

She said that she stayed with the man because his financial contribution supplemented her meagre earnings. Nonetheless, she believes that if she does not leave now, she will be killed.

For this reason, Chanderpaul called on police to charge the man, although she is in hospital. She said that she is determined to recover to testify against him but feels that in addition to prison time he needs counseling as his jealousy and anger problems are “not normal.”

“The police ain’t come here yet. I don’t know if they know about this story but I want them to know and I want them to charge he. I will be okay and this time I want him to know that he can’t just do this and get away,” she said.

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