Guard who refused pregnant woman entry was just doing his job – hospital

Georgetown Public Hospi-tal (GPH) says security guards have to take necessary precautions before allowing persons into the compound since a nurse was previously doused with acid by a rejected male.

This statement came in response to Coretta Sharpe giving birth to her newborn baby boy in the compound of GPH after she was denied entry into the compound by the security guard on duty. According to GPH, the guard was simply doing his job.

Chief Executive Officer of GPH Michael Khan, when approached by this newspaper, had said that he was not knowledgeable of the incident at the time, but added that pregnant women are given priority when they visit the hospital.

GPH admitted that Sharpe gave birth to her baby boy in the compound of the hospital around 11.25 pm on Thursday October 24. It was also stated by GPH that Sharpe had three previous deliveries at the hospital.

Public Relations Officer of the hospital Mitzy Campbell said that thanks should be expressed since both mother and child are safe and well taken care of.

Both Sharpe and her baby boy are in stable condition in the Postnatal Ward being attended by Sister Batson-Lord and Dr Luncheon, the hospital said.

Sharpe of Agricola East Bank Demerara had said that around 9.30 pm on October 24, she began receiving contractions that were 5 minutes apart. She said that as the contractions got worse, her stepmother and sister decided that it was time to take her to the hospital.

Sharpe said when they arrived at GPH around 11 pm, she and her family members were told by the security guard that they were not allowed to enter the compound. She said they were told that one person must leave the car, enter the hospital compound and speak with a nurse before anyone else would be permitted to enter the compound.

GPH said that the guard was required to check on persons in the vehicle before allowing entry into the compound.

Sharpe’s claim that she was not assisted by a nurse or porter at the hospital until she had already given birth was not directly addressed by the hospital.

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