AFC launches ‘Change is the Key’ radio programme in Linden

The Alliance For Change (AFC) launched its inaugural radio programme ‘Change is the Key’ in Linden on Sunday featuring a panel of community and party leaders discussing issues of specific importance to Region Ten and the wider country.

According to a press release, the fortnightly programme will see community leaders and AFC officials engaging in discussions on topical issues affecting that region. During the inaugural programme, AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes, AFC Region Ten Councillor Audwin Rutherford, youth activist Vladimir Glasgow and Member of Parliament Trevor Williams extended congratulations to the owner of the radio station and his team for working to bring Region Ten up to speed with the rest of the nation, as regard media access.

“The AFC believes a radio station for the Region was long overdue and 104.3 Power FM is just the beginning of full media access and freedom for Region Ten,” the party said. The team discussed conditions at Linden including the deplorable state of the roads at Block 22 and youth unemployment. They also discussed how the absence of a safe and reliable ferry service between New Amsterdam and Kwakwani was forcing residents of riverine communities to abandon their farms and homes.

The AFC also used the opportunity to discuss its position on the anti-money laundering/countering the financing of the terrorism bill, the need for constitutional reform and its plans to work with residents to revitalise Region Ten.

The programme was able to reach Linden residents, including the Wismar, Mackenzie, Christianburg, Rockstone, Ituni and other communities along the Berbice River and sections of the Linden/Soesdyke High-way. The next programme will be aired on November 10.

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