Immigration ‘B’ team wins police first aid competition

The Immigration ‘B’ team won the Guyana Police Force’s annual First Aid competition for the Smellie Cup yesterday and also captured the ‘Best First Aider’ award.

General Office came in second, Immigration ‘A’ third and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) took fourth place. The competition was organised by the Guyana Police Force’s Training Officer, according to Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud, who stood in for Commissioner Leroy Brumell who had to attend to an urgent matter and could not attend the competition.

Senior Superintendent P. Williams, who opened the competition, stated that it had attracted 18 teams, however, only four made it to the final.

 Immigration ‘A’ team completing the task
Immigration ‘A’ team completing the task

The teams marched on to the Tactical Service Unit (TSU) drill square under the command of a TSU representative, in a beautiful blend of force colours. The Immigration ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams were smartly dressed in their white shirts, with blue, white and red ties; General Office ranks wore blue shirts and CID ranks wore green blouses decorated with printed scarves. All the teams wore military-issue black pants and polished shoes.

After a musical interlude by the Guyana Police Force Military Band – a classical, sombre piece of music followed by two rhythmic pieces – Immigration ‘A’ team kicked off the competition.

Each team was given the same scenario: “A motorcyclist was proceeding into Lamaha Street on his motorcycle. At the junction of East and Lamaha Street, a motor car swerved suddenly to his path, he collided with the rear of the car. He fell on the road and sustained a broken femur. Treat and convey.”

Immigration ‘A,’ a mixed team, performed fairly well.

General Office, a female team appeared to be severely challenged at first but recovered and pulled through.

Immigration ‘B,’ clearly rehearsed, made a grand entrance and was smooth in controlling the situation.

The last group to appear was CID Headquarters, another all-female crew, who appeared confused and was heckled by onlookers.

CID team completing the task
CID team completing the task

The clear winner, Immigration ‘B’ received 720 points; General Office, 666 points; Immigration ‘A’ 647 points and CID 643 points.

Chief Judge, Dr S Rajkumar of Georgetown Public Hospital said that what was required of the participants was knowledge of general first aid, the ability to function under pressure, practical skills, the ability to recognise the situation and to place particular emphasis on safety, and not only the victim’s but their own. He concluded by giving due affirmation to all in the finals.

The best first aider, Constable O’Neil, thanked God, her superiors and team members in her vote of thanks.

Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud with winning team, Immigration ‘B’
Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud with the winning team, Immigration ‘B’

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