Miner cursed cops who responded to noise report -court told


When police responded to noise report against miner Yogesh Singh, he cursed them, a court heard on Tuesday.

Singh, 18, of 136 Young Street, Kingston, however, denied the two charges of disorderly behaviour and noise nuisance that stemmed from the confrontation when he was brought before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

According to Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt, on November 4th, at Station Street, Kitty, Singh was operating the stereo system of motor vehicle, PHH 2848, in a manner that caused annoyance to Darpaul Etwaroo. The police was subsequently called in but when officers arrived on the scene, Singh proceeded to curse them, Hunt said.

Singh was given his release on $50,000 bail; $20,000 on the disorderly behaviour charge and $30,000 on the noise nuisance charge. He is to return to court on November 15th, when the matters will be dealt with at Court 10.

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