Reality TV series to ‘shame’ waste disposal offenders

Solid waste management will soon be on everyone’s mind with the impending launch of a television series dubbed “What a Shame” by this year’s end.

The series, part of Guyenterprise’s Public Education and Awareness Campaign to ensure the proper execution of the Georgetown Solid Waste Management Programme (GSWMP), will seek to highlight the realities of the growing epidemic of improper garbage disposal in Guyana.

According to a GSWMP release, the show will encourage viewers to send in pictures of persons littering and images of garbage pile ups. It will also aim to raise burning concerns on all things solid waste related.

Pictures sent in, the release said, will be broadcasted on the show and labelled “What a Shame” in an effort to generate guilt amongst Guyanese. This guilt will hopefully bring about a much-needed behavioural change and encourage offenders to maintain and restore clean environs.

The show will also present a forum for the highlighting of the works of a number of voluntary organisations and the progress of GSWMP’s work.

“What a Shame” will be hosted by columnist Allan Fenty and journalist Leanna Bradshaw and will be backed up by a theme song sung by Dave Martins.



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