Can’t get pension from NIS

Dear Editor,

I became a pensioner since 19-09-2011 and am still not receiving my pension from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS)

September 19, 2013, I will be sixty two years of age and still cannot receive my pension.

I wrote the senior administration of the NIS, three times and still nothing so far, only being pushed around.

Ms. Kirton and Mr. Yearwood, the junior and senior were following my sad story for a pretty long time.

NIS told me that I did not have the amount of contributions (750) to qualify, so they decided to pay me about one hundred and forty thousand dollars ($140,000).

I appealed the matter and submitted the additional contributions which take it over 750 and same was submitted to Ms. Kirton, who also verified same and submitted same to the senior Inspector Mr. Yearwood.

I was visiting the NIS office at least twice weekly, left for the USA two times and still nothing was done. I have served Guyana as a senior civil servant for over forty years in middle management positions.

I would like to see something done about this urgently,

Yours faithfully,
Grafton Anthony Bernard-Jones

Editor’s note:

A copy of this letter is being sent to the National Insurance Scheme for any comment it may wish to make.

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