More blackouts in Berbice

Dear Editor,

Once again the power supply in Berbice has descended to an absolutely horrific and atrocious level. This past week, there have been so many blackouts that I’ve lost count. On Monday, we had a blackout for several hours. Today (Tuesday), we’ve already had two blackouts. And tomorrow, GPL has scheduled a blackout for the entire day.

What’s going on in Berbice with GPL’s operations? One can only marvel at the astounding incompetence and inability of this entity to fix a system that has been broken for many, many years.

Likewise, one can only marvel at the callous, don’t-care attitude of the PPP, which, although being in power for over twenty years, has done nothing to remedy the unreliable power supply and bring relief to the people of this county. The PPP has, instead, chosen to demonize opposition members, dole out super-salaries, contracts, and radio stations to its friends and others and fight for the rights of the rich, all at the expense of the majority of Guyanese who struggle to make a decent living, and who are frustrated at every turn by the regular blackouts that occur.

So here’s the solution. Call for a snap election and let’s vote the PPP out of office, and simultaneously get rid of the senior management at GPL who earn millions of dollars for doing nothing to tangibly improve the power supply. Nothing else will do.

And at the forefront of the wave to drive the PPP out of power will be the former sleeping Berbicians, who have finally awoken and realized that all the promises made by the PPP are false and unattainable under the present leadership of this country.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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