Stadium show is a fund-raiser, not a celebration of Indian Arrival Day

Dear Editor,

The Arrival Day celebration, 2013, is an occasion all Guyanese look forward to with an air of excitement that comes with great appreciation for our foreparents, who made the treacherous trip to the West Indies. All across the country there are groups celebrating this occasion with great pomp and style.

I have just listened to an advertisement on TV announcing a grand show at the Stadium, featuring Alka Yatnik and Oudit Narayan who are coming to perform for the 175 years observance. Let me say that the Hindu Dharmic Sabha has done well to bring to us famous playback singers, and has provided us with great entertainment over the years.

The difficulty I have now is trying to figure out how Yatnik and Oudit Narayan can be part of the Arrival Day celebration when one has to pay premium prices to attend. The Hindu Dharmic Sabha should not try to kid anyone; this event is a fund-raiser and not a celebration of Indian Arrival Day.

If anything it will, most certainly, take away from other real celebrations of Indian Arrival Day. I would have loved to attend the Alka Yatnik show, but I have to be at a function in Georgetown ‒ so too would a lot of other persons.

I will conclude by saying that the timing and scheduling of the show is in bad taste and to advertise it as a part of Indian Arrival Day celebrations is worse. The Hindu Dharmic Sabha should keep up the good work of providing us with good, clean entertainment but avoid this type of clash.

Yours faithfully,
Charrandass Persaud

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