Dear Editor,
As a dog lover, I understand Mr Calvin Benjamin’s grief over the loss (hopefully temporary) of his beloved pooch, ‘Pal.’
As I read the article carried in the Kaieteur News and, I said to myself, “What madness is this!”

What sort of welcome is this for someone who has put such faith in a country that promotes itself as a tourist destination with true Guyanese hospitality?  Hospitality…or hostility?

Mr Benjamin demonstrates how one should be kind to and love animals – action that the GSPCA and many like-minded Guyanese support and urge daily, but to be treated with such nonchalance and disrespect is totally unacceptable.

I join with all dog-lovers and true Guyanese to denounce this dastardly act and call on the authorities to produce ‘Pal’ immediately. Produce also the three “vets” who issued the euthanisation order.
Yours faithfully,
Maggie Lawrence

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