Dear Editor,

The latest announcement regarding the Caribbean Premium League (CPL) has left me more than confused as to what the real situation is regarding the sponsorship.

We first heard about Verus and later Digicel and today (June 26) we are reading in the news that Dr Bobby Ramroop has taken control of CPL and will be responsible for paying all match fees and man of the match awards in addition to which he will control the broadcasting rights throughout the region and further afield.

It may also be pertinent to note that that Dr Ramroop is the franchise owner of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, a team which will be participating in the CPL and this to my mind is a conflict of interest.

With all of the recent negative publicity being aired internationally about corruption in cricket, we need to be extremely careful in this our first attempt to make the CPL a flawless and honourable institution.

Could someone please clear the air on this issue?

Yours faithfully,
Alex Edwards

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