Mahdia, Paramakatoi footballers were counselled on alcohol, tobacco

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, June 29, I witnessed a very keenly contested football match between Mahdia Secondary School and Paramakatoi Secondary School at the Mahdia Community Centre ground. Despite a very wet field and a glitch with the Mahdia team’s uniform, the small gathering saw a thrilling game. As reported, Mahdia Secondary School won the game 2 goals to 1.

The above is what was carried by at least two newspapers. What was not carried was the event that took place the afternoon before on the pavilion of the Mahdia Community Centre ground and which for me was the real story that Digicel and sports writers have not been able to convey to members of the public. On that afternoon on Friday, June 28, both teams were assembled and participated in an activity which was carried out by an official from The Social Life Issues Guidance and Counseling Service. This interactive event saw the young footballers and coaches being made aware of the dangers and negative impact of Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana.

For me these interactive sessions on various social issues are the biggest “Goal” of this tournament as it will help the youths to focus in a different direction and to be aware that it’s not just a game for winners or losers, but a game changer that can benefit their lives as in school youths, aspiring professional football players and a better role model in their community.

Thank you Digicel for thinking about the Youths of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Nazim Hussain

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