Previously critical citizens (myself included) have to eat their words.  All those who said that Donald Ramotar lacked the requisite aptitude, is devoid of the nuance, and just plain not up to the job of head-of-state are forced to admit the error of their ways.  Now, they should go a step further and applaud His Excellency for the many imitations and roles he has performed recently with such natural skill and ease.

President Ramotar did a splendid imitation of the PNC’s Forbes Burnham when he called for “non-interference” in Guyana’s business.

The armchair historians and political people should remember Burnham waxing in righteous indignation about “national sovereignty” and others “meddling in the internal affairs” of this lovely country.  Well, Donald Ramotar’s “non-interference” is the 21st century reincarnation of the Kabaka’s histrionics.  Same message, same party (there is no difference), same result: The Americans listen.  Solemnly.

Next, the president did his best impression (a near perfect one) of the hurt little child at that investment seminar, when the wicked corruption genie disrupted the proceedings.  “Teef?  Knat we people!  Knat wee deese!   Why y’aal pickin pun we?  Why y’aal listenin to dem cochores?”  Like the Americans, the Canadians listened.  They also grimaced.

Then, President Ramotar, bent on displaying the vast girth of his acting abilities, lumbered around with the American Ambassador on the occasion of the July 4th Independence Day holiday.  He might imagine himself to be Clint Eastwood, but succeeded in coming across as the superheavyweight Mongo in “Blazing Saddles” who knocks out a horse with a single punch.  It was noticed that the Ambassador kept a safe distance; such was his recognition of Mr. Ramotar’s unlimited power and heft.  He hears that on Mr. Ramotar’s range, there are no horse thieves, no cattle rustlers, and no bushwhackers who hijack law abiding citizens.

Last, hats off to the president for his flawless rendition of the snarling, spitting, cursing ways of his predecessor, whether at Albion or Babu John.  Mr. Ramotar has grown so enormously in this particular imitation that he is virtually indistinguishable from what went before that he should give himself a National Award.

Now I have so much confidence in the talents of His Excellency that I expect him to school himself and get an education in the latest visa racket.  He has a sufficiency of English and Math proficiency that there is nothing holding him back from connecting the dots, and following the footprints.

He doesn’t have to do Home Economics or Woodworking to locate one more warped piece.  And he will have no cause to rely on prayer (spelling subject to opposition correction) for enlightenment.

To the president I say well done!  Indeed, he has done rather stoutly.  Keep up the good work.

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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