Dissatisfied with Caribbean Airlines

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, July 24, 2013 before the start of Caribbean Airlines Flight 526 to Kennedy Airport (15:55 hrs departure), it really got off to a bad start. Everyone was seated but the flight did not leave Cheddi Jagan until one hour later. Why? The passengers were quarrelling with the flight attendants and ground crews about their seating arrangements. Apparently two sets of passengers were assigned the same seats and they were quarrelling.

It was so embarrassing. You had flight attendants, ground crews at Cheddi Jagan and the NY-based passengers fighting and getting angry, with a plane full of passengers watching and looking on, in frustration, wondering when the plane would take off.

There was nothing from the pilot or flight attendants to passengers as to what the matter was about or when the plane would take off. It seemed to have been the airline’s fault since they did this to me on two other occasions ‒ placing two persons to sit in the same seat.

After one hour or so, the pilot then came on and stated the issue, without going into too much detail and the plane took off.

What does Caribbean Airlines think they serve for food on their flights? On that same flight they served two forkfuls of chowmein and a two mini-pieces of sweet-and-sour chicken.

Aren’t they ashamed to charge Guyanese so much money for flights and serve that quality and quantity of food on board? Of course, no passenger expects a buffet on board, however some decency is expected from this airline.

Some passengers also did not have on their trays what others had. I might sound low mentioning all of this but these are the small things which I believe are important when delivering service that is paid for by passengers’ hard- earned money.

Frankly, I deserve value for my dollar and I don’t really care how I sound.

Caribbean Airlines is the worst airline ever and I have no apologies in saying that.


Yours faithfully,
Leon Suseran

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