Ron Robinson has contributed to broadcasting for 48 years

Dear Editor,
Just recently, Ron Robinson was interviewed and celebrated by NCN TV and radio for his 48 years contribution to radio broadcasting.

Ron can be catalogued amongst the many icons of yore in radio broadcasting, including Ulric Gouveia, Ayube  Hamid Khan, James Sydney, Vic Insanally, Terry Holder, Hugh Cholmondeley, Carlton James, Rafeek Khan, Rovin Deodat, Mathew Allen, Christopher Deen and Ray Robinson, in addition to Olga Lopes Seales, Pat Cameron and  Margaret Lawrence. They all have something in common which we can describe as a time signature in music, ie,  natural Guyanese accented voices.

Ron is a man of many parts ‒ playwright, actor and a founder of the ‘Link Show’ (staged both locally and overseas in Canada and the USA) which he popularized as a satirical comedy to make us laugh at a time when we needed to, along with ‘Stretched Out Magazine’ on TV and ‘No Big Ting’ on radio at Xmas time. Ron also hosts two weekly radio musical programmes ‘Ron’s Rendezvous’ in addition to the Sunday afternoon ‘Church Calling’ for the Anglican Diocese. He has conducted training for broadcasters both locally and in Antigua. One should not omit his involvement with the Theatre Guild and that he plays the part of Director in the popular radio play ‘Merundoi,’ added to which he is the Chief Scout of Guyana.

Ron is indeed a special person, and I am happy that he has been able to smell the roses having received the Golden Arrow of Achievement in1990. I believe that the many lives he has touched through the medium of communication have brought him an innate satisfaction which cannot be taken away or replaced.
Congrats to Ron for his contribution to radio broadcasting amongst, other achievements.

Yours faithfully,
V O Patrick

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