Colin Campbell had an acute, sensitive ear for human resources issues

Dear Editor,

In reacting to Stabroek News’ thoughtful editorial of Friday, August 16, endorsing the recognition of Colin Campbell’s contribution to Bookers Sugar Estates, I must apologise to Ian McDonald for my delinquency in not thanking him for his fine memorial to Colin, who like his elder brother Jock, notwithstanding colonialism, exemplified not only a fine taste for sugar, but also an acute and sensitive ear for the human resources (then personnel) issues of the day.

It was the Campbell/Booker foresight which, in valuing people as more important than shops, ships and sugar estates, pioneered effective personnel management across the country.

The above apart, I recall with some amusement and pleasure being Colin Campbell’s weekend guest at his English country home, back in the early ’60s. He could not have been married for very long, as he kept complaining about the ‘new-fangled’ machine his spouse had introduced into the household, and the noise it would make.

It was a washing machine. I suspect that underneath it all he must have reflected on its inability to keep his hands as clean as he was accustomed to, manually.

Yours faithfully,
EB John

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