PPP/C has improved the quality of education delivery in the hinterland

Dear Editor,

It is good to know that our hinterland schools are putting out students who are fully matriculated, as in the case of sixteen-year-old Mary Parker who got passes in ten subjects at this year’s CXC examinations. The fact that she managed to obtain six grade ones and a grade two is indicative of the significant progress made in terms of the quality of education delivery in the hinterland schools which under the previous PNC regime were severely starved of educational resources.

Under the PNC administration St Ignatius Secondary was offering a mere five subjects at the basic level of proficiency which effectively denied students any chance of matriculation.  The same was true of Santa Rosa Secondary in Region One and Paramakatoi Community High School in Region Eight with the latter not preparing students for the CXC examinations.

There can be no doubt that the attainment levels of our hinterland students have improved considerably since the coming to office of the PPP/C administration.

Yours faithfully,
Hydar Ally

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