Kudos to the team at the Essequibo Technical Institute

Dear Editor,

I must thank Mr Basir for reporting such good news about education at the Essequibo Technical Institute (‘Essequibo Technical Institute is training more than three hundred students,’ SN, Sept 9). I was particularly impressed by the carpentry section making furniture for the school and others. This is further than a sustainable development; it is a sustaining reality.

It has always been a challenge to get educational institutions to redesign syllabuses to reflect our developmental needs without compromising teaching standards in breadth and depth of skills. I have to assume that some enlightened people have achieved this at the ETI.

There are some critics, even among students, who will inevitably say, “We doin waan ting over and over again.” Ah, but when the all requisite disciplines have been developed in attention to details, even in that one undertaking, the ensuing masteries will know no bounds.

I am looking forward to hearing about similar developments in plumbing, mechanics, and electrical works. It does take a lot of organizing, so kudos to the team at ETI.


Yours faithfully,
Alfred Bhulai

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