Walter Rodney and GHK Lall are alike

Dear Editor,

Walter Rodney is not dead. He has risen. He has a new name and body. He is now known as GHK Lall. There are many ways in which GHK Lall reminds me of Walter Rodney. For example, Rodney was an intellectual, so is Lall. If you would like a second opinion use your own and read the books Sitting on a Racial Volcano and Guyana: A Cesspool of Greed, Corruption and Duplicity this remarkable man, Mr Lall, has written and be your own judge. Rodney wasn’t afraid to speak his mind regardless of the consequences, and it is my belief that Lall is also like this.

Rodney was African and colour blind whenever it came to race. Lall, is Indian and colour blind. Rodney loved Guyana more than he loved his race, and so does Lall. Rodney was a unique individual, and there not many like him who come along in a lifetime, that is with Lall as the exception. Rodney was unusually selfless, so is Lall. Rodney was one of the greatest men Guyana has ever produced in the past times, and Lall is the greatest man Guyana is presently producing. Rodney was courageous, honourable and had integrity, and so does Lall.

Rodney was a menace to Burnham, and Lall is causing trouble for the current government.

Burnham was afraid of Rodney and the government is afraid of Lall. Lall understands Guyanese, he feels their pain, hurt, and despair, and in the past Rodney did the same.

I never believed that in my lifetime someone with characteristics similar to Dr Walter Rodney’s would come along. Lall is the epitome of a compassionate leader, so was Rodney.

America has had 44 Presidents. George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln were the greatest of them all. Rodney and Lall are the two greatest Guyanese who ever lived.

I hope that one day that I’ll get to meet GHK Lall. I would say to him that I have read every letter he has written in the newspapers and every book he has ever published. I am in agreement with him 100% of the time, something which I have never been with any other author. After reading his books, I was reminded that Guyana produces some good people. Prior to reading his books, I had lost hope for Guyana, I didn’t believe there were any good people left here. As long as there are people like GHK Lall living in Guyana, I will never lose hope in Guyana. Mr Lall should be the Guyanese Person of the Year.


Yours faithfully,
Anthony Pantlitz

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