Is the AG the final decision-maker on assent to Bills?

Dear Editor,
I refer to Alfred Bhulai’s missive ‘Circular reasoning,’ (SN, September 22).

I agree that flawed thinking often results in incorrect, even ludicrous conclusions. I wish to add that one example of such may indicate the existence of a general case of illogical cognitive processes.

Additionally, I ask the following:

1. If President Ramotar will sign bills into law subject to an assent certificate from the Attorney General (AG), does this not make the AG the final decision-maker in this regard, and the President a mere rubber stamp?

2. Which article of the constitution informs the PPP/C’s position on this process? My understanding is that the procedure adopted by the PPP/C is extra-constitutional.

In light of these concerns one wonders about the thinking processes of our leaders. If it is determined that such processes are flawed, Guyanese should be seriously concerned about the decisions that result from such fallacious reasoning, as these decisions have major implications for our daily lives.

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

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