Let us catch the vision and work together in the best interest of our country

Dear Editor,


The PNC has reverted to their old ways over the last two years. During President Hoyte’s leadership, the PNC had started a massive change in thinking especially when it embraced the Reform. That was under one man ‒ President Hoyte.  Robert Corbin’s leadership, also brought a peace within Guyana, and he paid the price in his own party for that stance.   I came to respect his softer approach.  Guyana needed that during his tenure.

During the last election, I witnessed the return to the radical and even racial approaches by many at the top.  Guyana must continue on its path to integrate a broader political spectrum.

I was very surprised to see the former AFC man Dr Tarron Khemraj’s new found love with APNU.  He knows of my experiences and their needs for ‘token Indians’ in the mix. I simply refused to play that role in the last election while all the policies were the opposite of an inclusive approach.  I recommend to him that he re-assess before they sideline him. The top leadership is not to be trusted and is not loyal to their own words.

One just has to study the previous campaigns:

1.      Have you ever seen an APNU/PNC rally in Port Mourant?   I remember telling many  campaigns managers, why not campaign in PPP strongholds?  The answer was we don’t want those votes.  Thus you normally don’t see many senior Indians within the party structure.  Normally one or two as token ones and I fell into that trap once.

2.      Since our dear friend Winston Murray departed this world, and Cammie Ramsaroop is no longer the chairman, there has been no token Indian for the PNC to showcase.  The trend that I had predicted is in full swing.

Guyana needs a period of less political ramblings and opposition parties being an obstacle to economic development.   Guyana is truly an emerging economy and needs all hands at the wheel for us to jump the curve to a nation that can compete in the global society.

We need to aggressively continue the macroeconomic and microeconomic policies that I must commend the government for and ensure our GDP remains above average.   The PPP also must take into account public perception and deal with it aggressively.  Among all of us we need to practice Proverbs 15.1: “Soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.”

As we approach new elections, we must consider which of the players are best for our nation.   The opposition has proven that it is not ready.  One just has to review their reactions, lack of plans and lack of new ideas during the budget exercise and see the many programmes which were terminated that consequently have affected our nation’s growth.  To play catch up now is much more difficult.   The old PNC policies stagnated our nation, and it is sad to see those same individuals are back trying to implement 1980 policies in the 21st century.  Our new generation wants growth, opportunities, financial rewards and upward mobility. The opposition parties are practising failed policies and stagnation methods that will see our beautiful nation being left behind.  Let us catch the vision and work together in the best interest of our country.

Yours faithfully,
Peter R Ramsaroop

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