The Guyana impasse is not like the one in the US

Dear Editor,

I have the opportunity to see the current government shut-down crisis in the United States of America on the international TV news networks, namely CNN, the BBC and Aljazeera America.

What is most striking is that an almost similar scenario prevails in Guyana. The President belongs to one party just like Guyana and the Congress is controlled by another just like in Guyana.

However the similarity ends there. What I see in America is that the politicians are forced to negotiate with each other based on polls carried out by the media and other organizations which show the mood of the people on the issue and how each party is handling the issue.

If they do not pay heed to these polls or the call of their constituents then the Congress representatives risk been voted out of office in the midterm elections.
I do not see that the party which controls the presidency or the President call for new elections to break the impasse as we are now seeing in Guyana. I see negotiations and discussion.

We the people of Guyana should take back control of our country by insisting that all the political players come to the table and negotiate and discuss the issues for the good of all of Guyana and not only for the selfish gains of a few.

We should not allow ourselves to be used as pawns for the benefit of a few. We all have to live together in this beautiful land and the only way we can do so is together in peace and justice.

Yours faithfully,
Shafeek Ferouz

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