Members of the policing groups moved me to tears with this kind act

Dear Editor,


I completed the programme, Introduction to Social Work just over two years ago through the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (I.D.C.E) thanks to Ms. Deodat. During my studies the lecturers Ms. Donna Clifton and Ms. Elaine Lovell told us if we do not graduate from the University of Guyana (UG) we cannot call ourselves Social Workers. In that case we would have to settle to be Community Organizers. So after my graduation I asked for a letter from (I.D.C.E) which would give me permission to organize the members of the community for change. One morning bright and early I set out calling at gates: hello, inside, good morning. I then shared my vision and concern. As they listened to me, Ms. Nicolette Roach said to me, Ms. Walcott I’m coming on board with you and she did, and so have all the others.

Ms. Roach contacted the Headmistress for East La Penitence Primary for permission to use a classroom to hold our first meeting and this was granted.

We now have a large group known as the East La Penitence Development Group; out of that group we have formed the East La Penitence Policing Group. When policing group meetings are called we sometimes invite police officers from the East La Penitence Police Station, to our meetings. They give support and guidance, also when the Development Group meets for clean-up campaigns the staff of the American Embassy joins us in support and gives advice on the way forward. We are not left alone.

Editor, being an older person I have a very good relationship with these young people, (executive members) but something happened that I saw as a ‘setup’. A meeting was called that I knew nothing about, I just heard about it and then Ms. Roach told me come to a get together at the home of one of the members on the evening of September 14. As the evening progressed I was told that the Policing Group of East La Penitence of which I am a member planned this get together. Then through the crowd, I saw someone come in with an iced cake, Ms. Roach then announced that the get together was for my birthday which was on September 10.

Editor, I was moved to tears with all the wishes and hugs for longer life, to live for another 74 years. What would become of me? Nevertheless I was happy, and thanked everyone for sharing the evening with me.

Persons present were members of Policing Groups.

Mr. Ian Amsterdam (Deputy Commander ‘A’ Division)

Mr. Dhillon De Mendonca

Ms. Nicolette Roach

Mr. George Vyphuis (DSM)

Mr. Desmond Carrington

Mr. Claymount Matheson

Mr. Paul De Mendonca

Mr. Hubert Solomon

Mr. Paul London

Ms. Gaynor Hestich

Mr. Orson Simon

Mr. Donald Joseph

Mr. Colin Sawh

Mr. Wayne Richmond

Mr. Colin Alleyne

Ms. Sheldon Madray

Mr. Mark Dyer

Mr. Yassin


Yours faithfully,
Yvonne Walcott

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