State is using one person like a sledgehammer against the City Council

Dear Editor,

The majority of our citizens in Georgetown are fed up with the sorry state of our Capital.

This is entirely due to the attitude of the PPP administration

First, from the time the PPP lost in the Georgetown Municipal elections (PPP 27%), they set out to suffocate the duly elected Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown.  No need to give the umpteen examples – denying the Mayor and City Council of the two vital ingredients needed to provide a satisfactory service to citizens – Money and Management.

Lack of money has been raised many times, it remains our problem, but since the imposition by Ministerial dictum of the acting Town Clerk, all vestiges of pretence have evaporated and the State is using one person, like a sledgehammer, to dismember the democratically duly elected Mayor and Councillors.

In short, the Ministers continue on a crusade of micro-managing the Council, then with their propaganda machine, they have the bold dishonesty to cast aspersions and blame the Mayor and Councillors for the ills of the City. Ms. Sooba’s recent statement to a Kaieteur News reporter is the height of crassness and an absurdity.

The truth is, the Town Clerk/Government’s refusal to obey well thought out decisions and recommendations of the Council has caused particularly, over the last fourteen months many, if not all, of our pain.

We can fill pages with examples, but the latest salvo from Minister Ganga Persaud has to do with the Kitty Market.

Fact, the acting Town Clerk refused to attend meetings with the stall holders, and failed to carry out decisions intended to advance the process, one being, to advertise to attract prospective investors.  The Council had set out clear guidelines.

The acting Town Clerk without a discussion, states in the column with responses to decisions, her favourite two words “not implementable”, yet the Minister has the gall to blame the Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown,

This is after two ‘no confidence’ motions were passed asking for her removal and Mr Ganga Persaud saying he will not be bullied to remove the lady.

It is this Stalin-like dictatorial and imperial control that has this City in such an awful mess.  Ask the people in Albouystown and South Georgetown.

An excavator that can bring relief to them by desilting the Sussex Street Canal is idle for over six weeks because the Town Clerk refuses to settle with truck contractors as decided by Full Council.

No wonder the Government is dragging its feet on the four Bills passed in early August 2013 by the National Assembly.  They only know total control.  No sharing – no decency.

Clearly, the government has no interest in local democracy, the vital portion of good modern governance.

But speaking for myself and others, the State bullies can do their damndest.  We know not how to surrender.

The struggle for justice, a corruption free, safe and true democracy will continue – we will win.  Suffering citizens of Georgetown have faith; the longest rope has an end.

I hereby challenge both Ministers to a public debate on the City anywhere, anytime.  All I ask for is a credible moderator.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green, J.P


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