Should not community members be mandated to seize firecrackers?

Dear Editor,


Diwali was once my favourite festival when there was a halo of devotion to it. Not anymore. This sacred festival has now degenerated into a festival of noise.

Even the Hindus who would have lighted their diyas assisted in contributing to the noise.

While the Hindu religious organisations might be alarmed at this deterioration concrete actions should be pursued to rid this festival of these despicable practices.

Squib is a tormenting word in that it conjures different discomforts in the minds of the ailing, children, animals and the aged.

While Diwali is bad enough imagine what it would be like come 31st December, 2013.

Would we be held in siege or would our sanity be protected by our police.

Our Minister of Home Affairs has ensured that community members assist our police in safeguarding the community. Should they not be mandated to seize firecrackers which all and sundry know to be illegal?

The police should have a campaign, a sustained campaign to rid the paves of these items, and rest assured those who sell flares also sell firecrackers.


Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)


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