Post office working to improve Express Mail Service

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the article captioned, `Snail mail put its express counterpart to shame’, and published on November 3, 2013. We acknowledge that, at times, the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) may not have met our customers’ expectations as it relates to the services provided and we wish to apologise to the writer and any other affected customer.

It is to be noted that GPOC is heavily dependent on the limited number of airlines servicing the Guyana route.

We have no control once the mail is handed over to the airline despite all efforts on our part.

This represents a serious challenge for the GPOC when it comes to international mail conveyance. It is to be noted however, that the Corporation is currently engaged in discussions with another service provider with a view to forming an alliance which, we are confident, will improve our Express Mail Service (EMS). The GPOC remains committed to improving our services.


Yours faithfully,
Telesha Whyte
Public Relations Officer/
S.A to Postmaster General
Guyana Post Office Corporation

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