Stairs double helps Team Ontario to 2-0 win over Guyana

Stairs opened the scoring for the Ontario side compliments of a field goal in the 12th minute and completed the double six minutes after the resumption of the second period through a 41st minute field goal.

In the earlier fixture at 8:30am at the same venue, Team Alberta defeated Team Guyana 2-0. Carolyn Lee and Amanda Kurianowicz netted for the victors in the 15th and 37th minutes respectively.

On Thursday, at the unchanged location, Team British Columbia Blue hammered Team Guyana 14-0 though hat tricks from Poonam Sandhu in the sixth, 31st and 58th minutes and Hanna Haughn in the 38th, 52nd and 55th minutes respectively.

Team Guyana battling the Canadian National U21 team during their matchup.
Team Guyana battling the Canadian National U21 team during their matchup.

A Stephanie Gardiner double in the 10th and 68th minutes and solo strikes from Danielle Hennig, Natalie Sourisseau, Crystal Poland, Shanlee Johnston, Katie Jameson and Emma Mackie in the first, fifth, 24th, 42nd, 43rd and 45th minutes correspondingly would complete the rout.

In their tournament opening fixture on Wednesday at the same location, Team Guyana was defeated by the Canadian National U-21 side 11-0.

Braces by Sarah Keglowitsch in 13th and 47th, Karli Johansen in the 28th and 61st, Jessica Buttinger in the 29th and 65th and Sydney Veljacic 55th and 66th minutes respectively led the assault for the Canadian National U-21 team.

Further goals by Caashia Karrington in the 16th, Priya Randhawa in the 52nd and Holly Stewart in the 54th minutes correspondingly concluded the lopsided encounter.

This tournament is being used by Team Guyana as a means of honing their skills before heading into the difficult PAHF Cup in Argentina from September 21 – 28.

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