Gold medals for Rahim, Stoby at Pan American powerlifting

Guyana’s power lifters continued their medal haul on day two of the Caribbean and Pan American Powerlifting Championship yesterday in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Vijai Rahim, Winston Stoby, Paul Adams and Fabian Ketwaroo all graced the podium.

Vijai Rahim
Vijai Rahim

Rahim copped a gold (66kgs Open Caribbean), a silver (66kgs Junior Pan American) and a bronze medal (66kgs Open Pan American) while Stoby secured a gold medal (74kgs Open Caribbean) and a silver (74kgs Masters Two Pan American).

Ketwaroo (66kgs Junior Pan American) and Adams (74kgs Open Caribbean) both completed the podium with bronze medal performances.

The two international championships (the 7th Caribbean and the 14th Pan American) are being held simultaneously.

Gumendra Shewdas was flawless yesterday, lifting unbeaten in the sub junior segment of 53kg class. His division is not awarding medals but Shewdass has posted a world leading total for the year (497.5kgs) in his category and is poised to become world champion should he compete next month in Killeen, Texas.

Today, Randolph Morgan, Anis Ade Thomas and Guyana’s oldest active power lifter Nairanjan Singh (Masters Three) will be in action.

John ‘Big John’ Edwards, Colin ‘Mr. Clean Chesney and Karel Mars will bring the curtain down tomorrow. This is the first year that Guyana is fielding a full team at the Pan American level, further testimony to the growing popularity of this sport. The Men’s team is defending their Caribbean title as well.

On Wednesday, the first day of the tournaments, Guyana’s lone female powerlifter Kimberly Mars-Loncke lifted her way to the podium. The 84kgs powerlifter secured a gold and a bronze medal in the Caribbean and Pan Am Championships respectively.

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