New company to market designs on websites

A company is up and running and is expected to design, market and sell exclusive, culturally rich Caribbean couture, thanks to a partnership of Caribbean fashion and marketing experts, who are behind the recently launched design marketing company MADEIN592.COM.

According to a release from the company brands will be marketed through the company’s trademarked websites, and The release said that the website names and designs were derived from various countries’ telephone codes – a novel concept in fashion intended to capture diverse target markets.  Guyana’s country code is 592, Trinidad and Tobago – 868 and Jamaica – 876.

Designers Marcie De Santos, Keisha Edwards, Kateri Savory and Roshini Boodhoo have all collaborated to create this unique “tapestry of designs that express the richness of the Caribbean culture, to be highlighted in men’s and women’s wear.”

The release further said that management consultant Jermaine Warde and marketing executive Fahmi Waddell are expected to bring cutting-edge management and sales techniques to MADEIN592.COM’S sales and marketing strategy.

The company was founded by Warde who noted that the company will use fashion to accentuate Caribbean culture and that the clothing and designs will rekindle and inspire the “spirit of Caribbean.” He observed that the brands will be sold in Caribbean and international markets that embrace the Caribbean diaspora.

“Our homelands are culturally rich and our designers are celebrated for creating beautiful, authentic designs. Therefore we intend to integrate other designers, countries and markets into our overall business strategy as our brands evolve,” Warde was quoted as saying in the release.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Waddell revealed that the company brands will demonstrate originality, quality of fabric, comfort, exquisiteness and exclusivity
Designer Marcie De Santos is an awarding winning designer who has been honored for her innovation in fashion

MADEIN592.COM has promised to embark on an initiative to give back to various Caribbean countries through philanthropic action that foster social development in under-served communities.

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